Chapter By Chapter? … And now a Contest? (Or Maybe Both)

This is a book that refuses to give up on me. And vice versa.


I first started the book in 1988, then got distracted by my role in starting technology companies or helping other people start theirs.

So, Nassau Directives languished in a drawer. And other ideas took over.


Daughter of God was published.


Slatewiper was published.

The plot of Nassau Directives never left my consciousness.

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The Final Solution To Drug Cartels

The grotesque violence of narco-terrorism has filled vast tracts of Mexico and the rest of Latin America with a brand of lawless, failed-state death and destruction unmatched even by ISIS, the Taliban or Al-Qaeda. The violence has devastated American cities for decades and has spread across the border


The threat to the United States — whose hunger for narcotics has driven the violence — becomes desperate. And from this has grown a desperate, final solution to the narcotics demand issue once and for all.


Under cover of the most extreme secrecy known at only the highest levels, a diabolical black ops program has turned the United States government into America’s predominant narcotics wholesaler.

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