Plot summary

The grotesque violence of narco-terrorism has filled vast tracts of Mexico and the rest of Latin America with a brand of lawless, failed-state death and destruction unmatched even by ISIS, the Taliban or Al-Qaeda. The violence has devastated American cities for decades and has spread across the border

The threat to the United States — whose hunger for narcotics has driven the violence — becomes desperate. And from this has grown a desperate, final solution to the narcotics demand issue once and for all.

Under cover of the most extreme secrecy known at only the highest levels, a diabolical black ops program has turned the United States government into America’s predominant narcotics wholesaler.

By creating back doors through military and homeland security barriers, the black ops program can guarantee safe shipment of drugs from abroad.

While enforcement efforts steadily pick off the drug cartel’s usually smuggling channels, BlackOps becomes the preferred and trusted channel. BlackOps receives shipments from the usual cartel sources and delivers to the usual criminal gangs that control distribution and sale to addicts.

The secret Black Ops program includes U.S. anti-drug officials at the highest levels. The program generates enormous profits, is self-funding and is completely off the books, appears in no government budgets and answers to no one.

Using part of its profits, BlackOps has experimented with a wide range of synthetic narcotics. They have market tested some of these at the street level. The drugs need to taste and act like the real thing. Some have been fatal and resulted in new formulations. Not to make the synthetics safer, but to assure that they are 100-percent lethal.

BlackOps depends on the lethal nature of the drug because their final solution is to warehouse the real drugs and substitute their lethal synthetic in a coordinated effort to kill all the users.

No users means no demand. No demand means no profits for cartels, gangs, street dealers. No profits means no resources to fuel violence.

The heroine, a federal marshal who is on the run after discovering the program teams up with a bank hacker to stop the massacre as the clock ticks down to massive holocaust that will kill millions.

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