Chapter By Chapter? … And now a Contest? (Or Maybe Both)

This is a book that refuses to give up on me. And vice versa.


I first started the book in 1988, then got distracted by my role in starting technology companies or helping other people start theirs.

So, Nassau Directives languished in a drawer. And other ideas took over.


Daughter of God was published.


Slatewiper was published.

The plot of Nassau Directives never left my consciousness.


I pulled the pages out of a drawer in 2004 and scanned them since I had lost the original file. The plot was still solid, but the technology had evolved. So, I re-edited the manuscript, updated the technology.

But by then, I got more interested in writing Perfect Killer which was a science-based thriller wrapped in a Southern novel that pretty well described my life until the immune system of my native Mississippi rejected me for having organized a civil rights march.


After Perfect Killer, I returned to Nassau Directives again in in 2008.

The plot was still solid, but the technology had — once again — evolved. So, once again I re-edited the manuscript, updated the technology then got more interested in writing Die By Wire.


Die By Wire was published.


In 2015, I added a lot more chapters, right up to the point where all the ticking-clock dominos were all set up and ready to be pushed over for the race to the grand finale.

Then got distracted. Again.

Early 2016 — Resurrecting The UnDead

I still really like the plot which really harkens back to the early Ludlum style.

But I am getting haunted by this zombie, this UNdead thriller. Now that I’m ready to write the race to the finish it’s time to do it.

So, to avoid being distracted before finishing, I have decided to publish this excerpt by excerpt.

Late 2016 — Rethinking The Original Resurrection

The excerpt idea never worked. The crush of outside work — including being made Chief Marketing Officer of a technology firm simply ate my time.

All of it.

So ….

I believe I will hold a contest for potential co-authors. The rules are still somewhat fluid, so check The Nassau Directives for details as they develop. However, my basic plan is to ask for readers to send me a 250-word (max) synopsis of how they would finish the book.

From among the synopsis winners, I’d chose  someone  to finish it off. I’d work with them and offer them co-author credit and 25% of sales (or royalties if it goes mainstream)

There are some procedural things that need to be worked out so stay tuned at :The Nassau Directives.

Here’s The Original 2016 Plan That Never Happened

My plan was  … well, not specifically sure. Maybe weekly. Maybe biweekly. I’m thinking that I should publish this over about a six-month period.

Free? Paid?

Probably yes.

I’m thinking that the excerpts published here will be free until the next excerpt comes out.

With every new excerpt, the previous installments will be behind a paywall.

People who pay once, don’t need to pay again. They will have paywall access to every word in the book leading up to the current free excerpt.

And at the very end, they get the whole book for whatever they paid.

I will be using a reader-friendly payment system I design, not Amazon etc.

After the book is finished, then it *maybe* either goes to a mainstream publisher or to Kindle and Smashwords.


Still an unknown.

I’m thinking $0.99 for the first people in.

Then gradually higher prices as more pages are published.

$1.99 when the book is 20% done. $2.99 at 40% done. $4.99 at 60% and $6.99 at 80%.

That’s not set in stone.

Regardless, whatever the price is, it will always be lower than the ultimate price charged by a mainstream publisher.


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